Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Zaoui's Group Alleged to be Behind the Massive Italian Terror Operation

As I blogged earlier the NBR alone in NZ has covered the story from Italy about a major Al Qaeda affiliate group planning a massive global terror campaign.

The conspirators are Algerians - members of GSPC the major armed militant organisation in Algeria. This group is also often referred to as GIA, Ahmed Zaoui's old mob. (GIA is the terror group Zaoui was convicted of heading by the French and Belgian courts). For proof/reference go to the oracle itself Amnesty International - haha. Cannot duck that one boys.

Wikipedia has a good summary as well.

Methinks the SIS were/are on to something - be great to have a linkage with Ahmed Zaoui in old footage meeting his buddies Yamine Bouhrama, Achour Rabah and Tartaq Sami - the conspirators.

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VSK said...

ok, this is what I'm looking for. I've been spending way too much time wading through green party, msm, and amnesty international apologists for something on the Religion of Peace's exponent here in clean green kiwiland.

what an effort to try to find someone with common sense.

gone international,