Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bollard Should Attack Ministers For Profligacy

News today that two new gaols being built under Damien O'Connor's stewardship are over budget by $141 Million should appall us all. This is an extraordinary overrun.

Clearly things are out-of-control in the Government. For one of the prisons the overrun amounts to $153,000 per bed!!! That's the overrun not the cost.

When considered in the context of Chris Carter's out of control cell phone bill and his vast travel account manoevering his man about the country for weekend trysts it is safe to assume Labour see the taxpayer's as cows to be milked.

There is no sense of accountability at all. Alan Bollard is best to direct his guns at out of control Ministers - that is where he can effect quick change. Get the Government out of our lives and stop them making up ludicrous nitpicking laws which are foist on ever eager Councils to implement and rate. It is the monopoly and oligopolistic suppliers that are driving inflation. Not mum and dad buying a renter or moving to a better suburb.

I should add - it usually the Government owned Kiwibank that is leading the rush to have the lowest rate to lend mortgage money....not those nasty foreign owned banks.

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