Thursday, January 19, 2006

Al-Reuters Confirms Al-Qaeda Members Killed at Pakistan Village Airstrike

Very late in the piece Al-Reuters finally reports the truth behind the airstrike. It says Pakistani officials have confirmed Egyptian members of Al-Qaeda were killed and that Al-Zawahiri (also an Egyptian) was expected at the house for the evening. There is no confirmation Al-Zawahiri was not killed. Some bodies were quickly removed to another place. Apparently there is DNA analysis going on - by who and on who and with what material is not known.

As I blogged yesterday - the intelligence was good and the mission execution was excellent.
Perhaps now Northern tribesman Jewellers will choose their dinner guests more carefully and keep their wives and children out of town when bad guys come calling - particularly those with a price on their head.

The pity is the blogosphere is 36 hours ahead of the MSM - where do you go for your news?

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