Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Al Qaeda Fighters Killed in Pakistani Attack

I caught the briefest mention on the late TV News last night that 4-5 'foreigners' were killed in the remote villlage attacked (allegedly by Predator fired missiles). As we all know 'foreigners' in those parts is code for Al Qaeda. Nothing in the mainstream media today following the brief mention last night that Al Qaeda was there and done.

This story obviously does not fit the MSM view of the world where the better story is ''CIA cocks up missile attack and kills innocents". The New York Post - in direct contrast to their Democrat loving, anti-anything Bush, pro-islamist, counterparts across the river at the NY Times, report the deaths of Al Qaeda fighters and that Al-Zawahiri was invited to the establishment but sent Aides at the last minute. Seems the intelligence was good and the good guys did the bad guys. It is a pity our press did not keep up. Preferring the anti-US - CIA are buffoons line.

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