Wednesday, January 18, 2006

NBR (a non Daily) Alone Carries Story Regarding Italians Preventing a Major Terrorist 'Spectacular'in the US.

The NBR carries the story here revealing the superb action by the Italian authorities in breaking open a conspiracy to mount a major terror action in the US. A key element was wiretaps. The plan was devastation on a scale greater than 9/11.

Two points are very interesting:

1 - The Mainstream media have ignored this - especially in the US. Presumably it does not fit the stories and editorials against the Bush Administration's plans to tap the 'phones of US citizens. The media are trying to generate a ground swell to impeach Bush for 'spying on Americans'. Bush meantime is proving every day his focus is on taking whatever steps are necessary to prevent Americans from being blown up by Al Qaeda - particularly on US soil.

1b - In NZ the story was broken by a weekly - interestingly a conservative, and some might say rightwing publication.

2 - The Conspirators were Algerians - I wonder whether our resident Algerian subject of hagiographic lefty love was previously (is) associated with these Algerian conspirators. More on this in a later blog.

A postscript is Tony Blair has advised MP's in the UK he favours making MP's (along with the rest of the populace) subject to wiretaps - any previous understandings of privilege or bans will go.

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