Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sorry Helen Tone Wants Your (coveted) Job

President Clinton has endorsed Tony Blair's suitability for UN Secretary-General, available once Kofi Annan retires 31 December 2006. In a remarkable continuance of the 'third way' they co-authored, the pals are sticking together. This spells doom for Helen Clark's thrust at the role. What a sad end for the south pacific franchisee to the 'third way' (basically poll the people and give them what they think they want, while railing at tilted windmills) - Clark won't have the gravitas of Blair or the patronage of President Clinton. Perhaps Sue Kedgely can ask her old boyfriend Kofi to put in a good word for Helen.


Rob Good said...

Blair may not necessarily get the job... Clinton is more likely to than Tony, but anythink is possible. Helen really doesnt have a chance.

Spirit Of 76 said...

A part of me would like her to get the job, to get her away from NZ