Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Iranian's Have Nukes Already

Following a hat-tip from Lucyna and my own hunch I went shopping. Seems the Iranians have already 8-12 nukes. 3-4 obtained from Kazahkastan and 3-4 from Ukraine. See here for the detail.

This story is not getting traction with the ancient media (ht Adolf) - where as it should.

It makes it easier to understand why the Iranians are provoking the US, Europe and Israel.

They know there is only limited capacity and capability for military action at present - better to provoke a limited response and in the settlement post war the Iranian regime is strenthened.

See here: from here
If his sources are correct and Ahmadinejad is leaking that Iran has nuclear weapons, it would appear he is intent on creating a crisis now! Many believe Ahmadinejad is setting a trap for the west because western military action at this time would likely be of a limited nature since the west is unprepared for a full scale occupation of Iran. Such a confrontation would likely end in a negotiated settlement leaving the regime in power, but would also likely include internationally agreed to security arrangements with the regime, a very dangerous proposition indeed

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