Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It Just Gets Better - Hansard - Proof of Lying in Peters' Own Words

Those good soldiers at Whaleoil have trawled up more than scampi tonight - Hansard. There in the Parliamentary record is Winston Peters, 14 February 2006, on his feet dominating the House ....chastising Don Brash and the National Party for attending the Karaka Yearling Sales that year for the first time in 20 years. "I saw them at the Karaka saleyards this year." Talk about self incrimination - best own goal ever I say.

Weird isn't it - Peters said his diary had no record he was at the 2006 Sales and therefore could not have met OGG at the Sales, as OGG testified to the Privileges Committee - yet in 2006 Peters told Parliament he was as the Sales and had noticed the National Party there (which National confirmed) and we now have Getty Images with photos dated 31 January 2006, at the scene of the crime - front and centre.

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