Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Clark Conniving on Committee

Despite the open, bright and breezy analysis by TVNZ Therese Arseneau Peters still has plenty of wiggle room with the Privileges Committee - as well Clark knows. Clark saying any evidential facts in dispute will be sorted by the Committee - Clark knows that is not the Committee's brief or bailiwick.

The deliberations of the Committee are narrowed to whether Peters should have declared the $100,000 donation from OGG. Peters has always maintained he did not know about it therefore he couldn't declare it - even if he wanted to... OGG has confirmed the money went to Henry (following Peters's request)

Peters did ask for the money - which Peters has denied doing (and is not the subject of the Committee
the money went to Henry - ie not Peters. And in Peters's view of the world was not a pecuniary interest he (Peters) needed to declare.

Hopefully the Committee can drill into the obvious point that Peters and Henry are one and the same (self described blood brothers) - Peters did receive a $100,000 benefit.

I wonder also whether the testimony of Henry and Peters is on oath - someone is lying...OGG has said Peters made the approach and his dealings with Henry was only to ascertain remittance details from Henry's staff....There was no approach from Henry to OGG, as he testified.

If not on oath and Henry did lie to the Committee it is a major breach of what is expected from him as a litigator to the Supreme Court of New Zealand.

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