Monday, December 05, 2005

Strong Evidence Benson-Pope Assaulted Students in his Care

Stuff has the facts from the now released report. It is obvious B-P's contrived and selective releases over the weekend were an attempt to camouflage the issues or create a smoke screen. He has not succeeded and is now dog tucker. He continues to break the first law of holes (with thanks to Canary in the Mine).

How lame is it to claim that while 9 people in the class independently corroborated he stuffed the tennis balls in Weaver's mouth and taped his hands to the desk, it was not a majority of the class and he is therefore, somehow, exonerated...huh?

Remember the first law of evidence is that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

Whaleoil has the report links - and highlights a section where 50-60% of the class confirmed B-P's tennis ball in the mouth fetish. B-P effectively agrees it happened by seeking an indication of how long it went on for - Suspicious Minds as Elvis sang. We can't Go the next line - take it away BePop.

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