Tuesday, December 06, 2005

NZ Herald has Lifted the Scales from their Eyes

In a remarkable turnaround the Herald's coverage of BePop and his guileless denials, hamfisted attempts at media manipulation (his actions are beyond the bounds of political spin) and blatant lying in the House may indicate a tipping point. Finally we are getting some objectivity in New Zealand's largest Daily...No longer do they feel they have to go with Helen Clark's spin. Perhaps the stench of a rotten and out-of-date regime has become too much.

ps Neither BePop nor his leaderette had the guts to turn up on Radio Left Wing this morning. BePop sent his QC - and he is also a tricky piece of work.

Isn't is great when we have a Government that 'fronts up'

As Rodney Hide said this morning on RLW - Clark is setting new standards in Government - Indeed!

p.s. John Armstrong stings BePop- long may it continue

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