Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Benson-Pope's Latest Fraud

Tonight on One News - Benson-Pope says the selective leaking of the positive sections of the Police Report that revealed his bullying and criminal behaviour while a school teacher is now a personnel matter!!!!. That snivelling, shirker now has the gall to suggest the leaks are the unauthorised work of his Press Secretary...puhlease. That man has to go. He is destroying all around him. His arrogance and conceit is breathtaking.

The man has gone completely to ground in recent days. Avoiding all contact with the media. The HoS released a faintly hagiographic piece praising the crim and he now claims he had no knowledge or authorisation of it? This was the singleminded initiative of the Press Secretary? - talk about stick out like dogs balls. Or should I say a tennis ball in a mouth.

He is a disgrace - to teaching, the Labour party and the honour of being a Cabinet Minister.

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