Friday, December 09, 2005

Scorching Fisking of Clark and Benson-Pope in DomPost Editorial

Today's DomPost has summarised the complete situation with David Benson-Pope in an excoriating editorial, regarding his and Clark's actions following the Police Report into the allegations that years ago he brutalised students in his care and that he has mislead Parliment.

The DomPost tears shreds off both Miss Clark and Mr Benson-Pope. The article tests the police case against the known facts. Clark and Benson-Pope have hit the bottom. There will be no bounce. The fisking is delightful for a rightie to read. Finally getting some objectivity from the MSM.

Maybe they (MSM) will even feel brave enough (now they have set the context) to revisit the Paintergate files well summarised by Sir Humphrey's during the election - SH was given OIA access to key (and incriminating) files.

The best line in the DomPost regarding Clark saying she was setting new standards...

"She may be right, but these are not new standards. They are old standards that the public is all too familiar with – scapegoating, obfuscation and patch protection."

As you have read here before Clark is a mistress at scapegoating, obsfuscation and job protection. As we has seen before Officials are then lined up to take the shot - BePops Press Secretary is being will be great when he says he was acting under instructions - Be-Pops or better still H1 or H2 (more likely)

There will shortly be a shortage of candidates to work for these sanctimonious, self-serving Ministries and Ministers - the thinking ones will look for safer past-times.

The Clark Regime is rotten

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Spirit Of 76 said...

The thing I found most outrageous is Wilson the Speaker. She's only there to do what Clark tells her and run a line of interference for the Govt. Speakers aren't meant to attend their party caucus meetings are they? And really, the double whammy, those numbnuts from UF and NZF helped Labour get Wilson elected to the chair again.