Sunday, December 11, 2005


Clark is accused of fradulently signing a painting - her electorate secretary destroys the evidence. Spin and denial from the 9th floor. The secretary is offered up to take the bullet.

Clark is accused of speeding through south Canterbury to get to a rugby match. Spin and denials from the 9th floor. Never happened, Hide is dreaming, whatever happened was not unsafe. etc etc. Ultimately heat is too much and Police investigate. Clark's DPS and civilian drivers take the bullet in a criminal court. Clark still denying any culpability.

Benson-Pope lies in the House to accusations he bullied students in his care. Strong denials, never happened, Hide is wrong etc etc. Students come out on the record. BePop - protected by Clark and her hand maiden Wilson from proper scrutiny.

Police investigate BePop and find prima facie case.

I can't remember what happened...

Spin, denials, and another public servant (Press Secretary) takes the bullet for the Minister.

This is a corrupt regime we have in New Zealand. If corruption stands for saying or doing whatever it takes to remain in power.

The MSM have woken from their 6 year slumber and are now openly critical of Clark and her reportoire of dissembling tricks. SST's Helen Bain has a good description of how H1 and H2 run the spin machine.

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