Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mike Williams Caught Lying

In exquisite television Guyon Espiner today has trapped Mike Williams LBW. Plumb. Blind Freddy would rule him out.

TV One's Agenda this morning - Espiner got Mike Williams saying he had not said to the Congress that using departmental brochures to push Labour and criticise National in electioneering was a "damn good idea". Espiner kept pushing and in several responses Williams denied (vehemently) he said anything of the sort. ...

Cut tonight to One News - there we have Mike Williams on a recording at the Congress session saying in response to a delegate's suggestion the Party should use departmental pamphlets in electioneering ... "...using the pamphlets is a damn good idea...."

Oh the pain - the exquisite pain to finally have a Labour party member caught dead cold. No question he said it. No amount of spin can change these facts. Actually caught lying. My cheeks are hurting so much.

What a great day for those who want the Government unceremoniously dumped....

Clark must be spinning.

She has to get rid of Williams - she cannot afford to get rid of him - he is the bag man. The only one able to raise money and organise.

What a great day for the believers. That hammering is a bag of nails being hammered into her (eco-)coffin.

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