Sunday, April 13, 2008

Labour Polling Called By

UMR called me today with a poll - "we're not selling anything just want your opinion on issues in New Zealand". The TeleGopher seemed surprised when I said they were selling something - information; just I was not the customer. She didn't get it.

I assume Labour was their client. Witness this push polling...

TG: On Tax Cuts
Would you prefer either:
1. a small tax cut of $10-$15 per week with no cuts to public services and no borrowing or 2. a larger tax cut which meant cuts to public services and borrowing to fund them.

Too Right: That is wrong. You cannot ask those questions that way. These are different issues - this is push polling. There is a large surplus. By definition handing that back won't cut services. This survey is wrong...TG now genuinely perplexed with her respondent.

I said the bigger the cut the better. And for the record government expenditure needs to be reined in.

I finished by suggesting TG gets her supervisor to call as their poll strategy was wrong and the script given to the Gophers was wrong. I'll wait the call with pleasure.

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