Monday, April 07, 2008

Gore making Millions from Climate Change

Dr Newman's most interesting newsletter this week reveals the benefits to a privileged few of embracing global warming...

Former VP Al Bore's Generation Investment Management, which makes money from investing in “sustainable” businesses, now has $5 billion in funds under management.

Gore has declined to give details on the funds performance. It is understood the fund’s largest holding is the 7 percent of assets invested in Novo Nordisk, the world’s largest insulin maker, they have also invested in NestlĂ©, the world’s largest food company, and Johnson Controls, the largest maker of automotive seats and batteries. can't see how any of those are going to save the planet...just more sophistry from the Nobel thief.

Remember Gore launched the fund on the back of his judicially discredited ("science fiction") movie "An Inconvenient Truth"). The judgement made before Gore received his Nobel.

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