Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Chairman Rudd Resurrects Uranium Mining in Australia

Reports out of Australia reveal the duplicity of the new Labor Government. Rudd's mob have quietly resurrected the Howard government's industry plans to increase uranium mining. Clark will be having kittens.

It will make Rudd's advocacy of (NZ) Labour's climate change credentials at election time look very dodgey and open him up to criticism by the anti-nuclear lobby here.

While at one level this action by the Australian Labor government is incredibly duplicitous at another it is a picture of pragmatism and good sense. There is a global appreciation with informed people of the huge benefits afforded by nuclear power. Australia are looking to capitalise on that demand and interest. New Zealand's politicians are so stung by the nuclear bug they cannot countenance considering the nuclear option.

Rudd's approach will be watched with interest.

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