Saturday, September 30, 2006

Questions President Clinton Should be Asked

Frank Johnson has a very funny, if apposite, column on President Clinton, following his address to the Labour Party Conference in Britain.

With a delightful touch of irony, more than a hint of sarcasm and a pinch of cynicism Johnson has Clinton and all the rest of the third way left wing democrats on the spit. Clark and the Clinton disciples in this part of the world will read and should cringe - yep, guilty too. You all close your eyes to the inconvenient.

Some of the memorable lines?
"Mr President, looking back – and we won't mention all those poor blacks whom you subjected to capital punishment when you were governor of Arkansas, because our party's rank-and-file is so easily taken in by any Democrat that they've forgotten about them – what was, for you, the biggest question that you had to confront in your political career?"

"Well, for me, the question was always: 'What's your phone number, honey?'

"...that's why I've always believed in the special relationship, especially with women. Except wives of course, though other men's are worth chasing. Wives are for apologising to. I was more like a bridge over troubled daughters. I hope I will continue to behave like your Deputy Leader, my friend John Fleshpot."

etc etc.

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