Friday, September 29, 2006

Myth That Speed Cameras Save Lives Exposed

New evidence in the UK reveals that breaking the speed limit has contributed to only 5% of road crashes. See here.

The real contributers to crashes are that drivers need to concentrate more on the road rather than on their phones, passengers, music, food, drinks, navigation systems and the clutter of signs - according to the RAC.

I am sure the same results would apply in New Zealand. A crazy driver at 90km/hour on the open road will not trigger a speed camera. I suspect the UK research is proof positive the cameras are revenue raising devices.

All the more interesting is the fact these results are in light of the Motorway limit in the UK being 70mph - a speed that by definition is dangerous in New Zealand. Simplistic answers from simpletons.

"Proof" of the effectiveness of the speed camera policy, from the usual line up of fools; LTSA, Traffic Branch of the Police etc is not fully tested - improved road tolls (or indeed lower average open road speeds) will not be differentiated from the effects of congested roads, improved vehicles (our fleet is getting younger and younger cars have more safety features etc) etc.

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