Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Clark now wanting to re-write the Magna Carta and nearly 1,000 years of Trust Law

Clark in her rage to cover up her theft of public money for her election campaign is apparently looking to use retrospective legislation to legalise the theft. See here.

Not content with just stealing tax payers money she has also decided to prevent private persons from making anonymous donations to election campaigns - citizens use anonymity for many reasons - a powerful one being not wanting piss off control freaks and venal types like Miss Clark. And another thing - by making the donor anonymous it prevents installing the patronage of which Clark complains so lately and loudly. If you don't know who you owe you cannot be accused of giving them special treatment - contrast that with the open and abject posturing and law making Labour does for the Union movement and the Ratana Church.

Clark is going to try to prevent funding through Trusts - how I might ask? As a Trust is in law a corporate person; the Trust as much as anyone else has rights - including donating money to persons/parties etc. I guess we'll have to go back to giving cash. Cash works for Labour: WFF, a larger Army, easier benefit access etc etc

I can see a lot of cheques being written by M Mouse or money being routed through Pay-pal.

Give up Helen - admit you nicked the money.

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