Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Confirmation Clark thinks she and Labour are above the law

Two Points and another thing
1. Pete Hodgson on Nine to Noon today stated that if the Auditor-General finds Labour stole the Parliamentary Service funds for the pledge cards Labour will not pay it back. Why? Because we did the same in 2002 and didn't have to pay it back then- isn't that unbelievable?

So, if you get away with it once you are able to keep stealing. The challenge is not to get caught first time?

2. Clark and Labour are using PUBLIC funds to defend themselves against the Molloy action. How venal, crass and self serving is that?

3. Final point - somewhat oblique. Mallard's attack with innuendo in the House on Dr Nick Smith and co was sanctioned by the PM - so the scuttlebut goes. Given it was effectively an attempt to point an adulterous barb at Smith, which is as near to the 'Go Nuclear' buuton it apparently gets in the House; that action might have brought a vile(olent) repost about the PM's own marital arrangements and those meanderings of her 'husband', inter alia. What is Investigate sitting on, I muse? But I digress; my point is this "Is Mallard taking his orders from Cullen", and not the PM. Perhaps it was a macchiavellian attempt to get the Boss - using another force's enfilade?

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