Sunday, April 09, 2006

Plans Advancing to Attack Iran

Columns discussing US options to dismantle the Iranian nuke campaign and effect regime change have popped up here and here.

Significantly the planning seems to be heading towards using tactical nuclear weapons as the only guarantee of shutting the Iranian facilities. The option is discussed because the West knows the determination of the Iranians to get their own nukes is so real and focussed that only nuclear strikes can prevent the Iranians getting their own strategic arsenal. If the Iranians succeed then it is all on. Europe and Israel will quickly face Iranian attempts at hegemony.

As an aside Bin Laden's al-Qaeda would then realise they too have lost the war - unable to advance their plans for a Muslim Caliphate against the Iranian shia led wider polity.

Either the discussion, regarding using nukes, within the Western press is a clever program to scare the daylights out of the Iranians or it is real. Either way things have got serious, very serious.

Bush seems to have concluded Ahmedinejad is hell bent on getting Iranian nukes and only destruction of the facilities will stop him. Bush calls him 'little Hitler' in reference to the earlier name owner's drive to cow the world with strategic weapons.

As I said things have got serious, very serious.

For me I am glad we have President Bush in the White House not a waverer like Kerry or Madame Clinton.

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