Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Al Qaeda Focussed on Establishing a Muslim Caliphate

Al Qaeda is infiltrating countries surrounding Israel, aimed at preparing different bases to attack the Jewish state as Jordanian journalist Fouad Hussein (Author of "Al Zarqawi: Al Qaeda's second Generation") explains. Hussein states Al Qaeda's final goal is to establish an Islamic Caliphate in seven phases see here for more detail.

Interestingly, the third phase called "The Rising" advocates heavy attacks against Israel because it will then force the world to acknowledge al Qaeda as a major power, and negotiate with it. This phase should last three years and allow Al Qaeda to infiltrate Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.
Hussein says that Zarqawi has noted:
...very likely collision between the United States and Iran over the nuclear issue is going to help reach that goal because Iran is going to be less focused on exerting its control on Syria and Lebanon.
Interesting times. A benign strategic environment, not.

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Spirit Of 76 said...

The Israelis won't take any shit. Let the radical Islamists try.