Sunday, April 09, 2006

Bully Benson-Pope Backtracks

Reports today that Benson-Pope threatened National Deputy leader Gerry Brownlee in December with exposure of unsavoury dealings as a teacher make interesting reading. Interesting because Brownlee apparently challenged Benson-Pope to release what he had and rather than cowering in fear maintained the pressure on BePop

Result - a big fat nothing.

Conclusion there is nothing on Brownlee.

Brilliant - the bully went off muttering, moaning and grizzling about having to drag his family through it. Shoulda thought about before you told lie apon lie Mr Benson-Pope.

Prior to all this Benson-Pope was Labour's bully in chief in the house.

As Corporal Jones used to say - "they don't like it when you put it up'em".

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