Monday, April 10, 2006

Auditor-General Called in to Housing NZ

Update: TVNZ reports Housing Minister Chris Carter has gone over the heads of his Board at Housing NZ and called in the Auditor-General. Earlier today the auditing was to be done by multi-national firm Ernst and Young.

If the audit is restricted (as reported) to issues surrounding the gagging order agreed by HNZ with a contractor then the public is disserved.

As important is for the investigation to appraise and review all the matters leading up to a gagging order even being considered. What malpractice, misfeasance or malfeasance was HNZ worried the contractor might disclose?

Clark's regime are past masters at calling publicly for an investigation - which never sees the light of day. Remember the Taito Philip Field investigation? I have asked for an independent investiogation and all will be revealed in 10 days was the assurance from Miss Clark. 24 weeks or so later we are none the wiser.

Believe nothing with this lot. Remember Chris Carter is a PM favourite - he will be doing her bidding.


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