Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Random Impertinent Questions

How is the railways more environmentally sustainable when Cullen is driving than Paul Little?

How will Cullen owning the railways improve its integration with other transport modes and systems when Toll is a completely integrated transport, logistics, warehousing, freight forwarder and shipping company.

Why did Cullen leave Toll with the exclusivity of the rail freight forwarding business and network connections to the rail business.

Will Cullen have to buy Toll out of the freight forwarding business in order to provide meaningful access to the tracks by other freight forwarders.

If two globally successful railway operators Toll and Wisconsin Central could not make the railways work what has Cullen got that these two don't have?

If Cullen needed to buy the Railways to keep it in NZ hands why didn't he test the market for NZ buyers.

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