Thursday, May 01, 2008

Advice to Government re ETS - Can It

David Farrar at KiwiBlog has a good summary of what's wrong with the Emissions Trading Scheme.

The Government should can it and fast. It is a disaster and would be disastrous for NZ if introduced. Labour with the cunning Cullen canniving to take the ETS off the agenda for now will try to introduce it in the next parliament. That is a secret agenda. You see these morons, Clark , her simpering dick of a Climate Change Minister Parker and the buffoon Chauvel (steering the legislation through the select committee) actually believe this crap about anthropogenic warming.

National if they have the balls should use this "secret agenda" as a weapon to smash the Labour Government.

National should say now they will not introduce any form of ETS for the next term of Government - a la their (misguided) state owned asset policy.

National would then challenge Labour to declare whether they too will agree to shelve this disastrous policy for all time.

As I have blogged today - the evidence against warming is mounting. The anthropogenic warming case is getting thinner by the day.

National needs to follow-up its well timed and thought out policy on eliminating the additional fuel taxes proposed by Labour with a similar strong statement on the ETS. The electorate is extremely sceptical that there is any benefit at all for New Zealand by the ETS, over any time period - short or long.

For good measure National should also state that in Government it will review the entire Kyoto Policy in light of the new evidence that CO2 is not contributing to global warming and that the global climate seems to be in a cooling phase - further evidence today from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory here.

Finally, National should smack Labour for the idiocy of its energy policy - its moratorium on base load coal fired stations means New Zealand has no stand by if the lakes run short this winter. This lunacy can be sheeted home to Hodgson, Parker and Co. It has nothing to do with Bradford's reforms - Labour have had nine long years to put in place solutions.

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