Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Obama's Campaign is Doomed

Reports today Fidel Castro has endorsed the candidacy of US Presidential hopeful Barack Obama will further puncture his campaign.

Already Obama has the support of Hamas, a US Government declared terrorist organisation.

This news will seriously damage Obama's campaign to prove to the American people he is the right candidate for President - particularly as his opponent has the proven long career, experience and credibility to take on the role of Commander in Chief.

It is almost like the Democratic party has a death wish. This blogger thinks that once the campaign proper gets underway Obama will be unelectable.

New Zealand's own (New Zeal) blogger has achieved success from the blogosphere by diligently exposing Obama's links to US Marxists and has provided the evidence Obama's US communist party supporters have infiltrated the Democratic Party. New Zeal's author Trevor Loudon, has been invited to present his evidence in Washington...(Hat Tip Not PC)

For New Zealand this is excellent news - 1 for the West (the west does not need a Marxist sympathizer snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq) and 2 for New Zealand (we don't need an inwardly focused democrat in the White House) ruining any prospect of further relaxing trade barriers.

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