Sunday, December 03, 2006

Something for Conservation Minister Carter to Ponder as Teenager Savaged by White Pointer Shark

15 year old boy savaged by Great White Shark and life saved by quick thinking Kiwis - Amy and Peter Hickmott.

Chris Carter - exposed as attending Auckland BDSM clubs in the Investigate article on Benson-Pope - has recently said he will legislate to save the White Pointer in New Zealand.

Maybe he did not realise a White Pointer was a shark - thinking it was something he did or saw at one of those clubs? With Benson-Pope's departure is Carter standing in to rally the troops onto another liberal sex assault on our legislation. Recall 'hetero'-sexual and happily married Benson-Pope promoting the Civil Union Bill and guiding it into law. Hypocritical, mendacious prick.

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