Sunday, December 03, 2006

John Key Tracing a Well Trod and Hitherto Successful Path

This from the UK

In reviewing the leader of the Conservative Party's first year as leader:
Within his first two weeks, Mr Cameron announced that "social justice" and "quality of life" would be key goals; a group headed by the environmentalist Zac Goldsmith was tasked to look at climate change; and Central Office drew up plans to ensure that there would be more women parliamentary candidates.
What has Key done so far?
Within week one
Announcements on:
Social Justice
- acceptance of the importance family - however it is defined
- holding out the flax branch to Maori
"Acceptance" of the reality and importance dealing with Climate Change

Promoted women up the rankings and into his Shadow Cabinet

It is working for Cameron. Guess it'll run here.

Just read the Telegraph - there you'll find the blueprint. Just don't tell Clark and the rest of the carpet munchers, liars and cheats in Government.

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