Monday, December 04, 2006

Bainimarama vs Qarase

Why is Helen Clark taking sides with the undemocrat Qarase? Curious as it seems Bainimarama seems to me to be the democrat here - standing for all Fijians. Qarase has 2000 Coup members in his government in contrast with Bainimarama and the military who actually went after and court martialled the army perpetrators. Qarase wants to pardon George Speight - why? Bainimarama wants him to serve his sentence - seems fair.

Qarase wanted to enact a foreshore and seabed bill that would enfranchise some indigenous people but would disenfranchise many fijians, particularly indian fijians. What's fair about that?

Remember Helen - you said your own foreshore and seabed bill was to protect the coast for all New Zealanders...

As I said her support of Qarase is curious.

I would have thought Clark would have shown a dignified public silence and be working like crazy behind the scenes to stop a public coup, by among other things getting Qarase to resign. This may have given Bainimarama the outlet he needs to put his interim administration in place. And begun the steps to remove the coup plotters still in government.

Curioser still - Clark saying that if there is a coup the Fijians on active service with the UN will have no jobs and be sent home. Who the hell wants more pissed off soldiers wandering the streets of Fiji without jobs blaming Qarase. Seemed a dumb and ill thought threat to me.

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MandM said...

Finally someone else not in total opposition to Bainimarama, blindly chanting the mantra "but Fiji's govt was elected, therefore a coup is wrong..."

Coup's are sometimes legitimate, in fact government's should be overthrown in some circumstances and I think that the situation in Fiji is not as simple as people make out.

Just because a government was elected does not mean it is wrong to overthrow them. Matt blogged about that here