Friday, February 24, 2006

Pay It Back Helen Like Pete is Asking Focus 2000 to Pay it Back

Great isn't it. Pete Hodgson is requiring a company to pay back $2.5Million in overcharges. Good on ya Pete - (though I smell a major scandal brewing here).

The same Pete Hodgson who masterminded Helen Clark's Pledgecard pillaging of the public coffers to the tune of $400,000 - subsequent to a direct call from the Auditor-General that the spending was not justified.

Dio the right thing Helen - Pay It Back

Labour is ducking, bobbing and weaving - they cannot hide - it was a rort of public funds. All the more so because it was a conscionable decision taken at the highest levels of the Labour Party. Hodgson as Strategist would have been front and centre on that along with Mike Williams and Helen Clark.

As we come to expect from Labour - do as I say not as I do.

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