Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Just Pay It Back Helen

Helen, the money you nicked from the taxpayers needs to be paid back. Now.

It was nearly half a million dollars.

Putting up a smokescreen about the the Exclusive Brethren ignores the facts - You nicked those funds from the taxpayer. Your actions were a premeditated raid on the public purse.

The Exclusive Bretheren paid for their pamphlets with their OWN money.

Any comment about lack of clarity around spending guidelines is utter tosh. You were told by the Auditor-General before the election that this type of spending could not be classed a legitimate spending. You ignored that - with your usual arrogance, conceit and imperiousness. This was a premeditated assault on public monies.

And another thing - because you also nicked similar funds in the previous two elections without sanction does not make it right. You owe that money back as well...

Pay It Back

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