Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Brash Brilliant

The reported speech of Brash in the House yesterday shows some telling hits on the Government. Best line - "Pay it Back" - Good to see the other scandals being reported as well - Corngate, Paintergate, Doonegate.

Methinks the Government have just witnessed the turning point with the Antique Media. Clark's imperiousness, and her and her Government's propensity for bold talk and no delivery has finally received a fisking by the old media. The people have had enough and the tide has turned.

Good to see Brash make a good fist of it in the House - he and his party will be the better for it.

Interesting to see Darren Fucknuckle and co left with only braying from the sidelines. He can smell the stench of a decaying government and knows how close he was to not making it this time. Next time he will be dog tucker - destined never to make Cabinet.

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