Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Michael Wood the Labour Candidate for Pakuranga is completely out of touch. He asked "What Capital Gains tax" to a comment I made on his blog. He had no idea that Cullen has introduced a Capital Gains tax. The announcement today of the introduction of a capital gains tax tax for individual investors on unrealised gains in foreign companies is sure to reverberate with voters. It is really extraordinary that Wood, in trying to entice the voters of Pakuranga to vote for him continues to demonstrate his shallow understanding of the political economy, what is actually in the Budget or have anything original to say. Fortunately for us all his dream of parlimentary representative for Pakuranga will remain just that, a dream.

What I find totally amazing is that he continues to publish his pap and drivel on his own blog. Better for him I would think to be thought thick than to publish such drivel and leave no doubt whatsoever he is thick.

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