Monday, June 20, 2005

Even a once over lightly review of the science in Global Warming reveals the futility of the Kyoto Protocol in solving the problem (If indeed it is a problem and it can be 'solved' ). Reading Junk Science the concensus temperature "saving" agreed between sceptics and advocates is 0.07C by 2050, through implementing Kyoto.

Meanwhile New Zealand is writing big cheques to countries like Russia and Portugal who in absolute terms will generate greenhouse gas emissions orders of magnitude greater than New Zealand.

That is the lunacy of New Zealand's stance on Kyoto. The Government knows that to be really serious about reducing greenhouse gas emissions (which is different to accepting the notion global warming is a humankind created phenomena) it would introduce a moratorium on exports of coal, be actively encouraging forest plantings and be actively investigating large scale electricity generation from non-fossil fuel sources - this immediately brings nuclear power onto the agenda.

Labour is not serious about global warming - they thought they could make a quick $500Million by signing up, and could expropriate all the carbon credits accruing to private forest plantings. The Government's risk analysis was woefully short and now the problem is being passed to taxpayers. New Zealand forest owners have seen the Government steal their property without compensation and have done the 'Wall Street Walk' - exited the position - this is a sorry state of affairs.

The suggestion is if the rich countries really want to make a difference to the undeveloped world then the crusade on Global Warming is misplaced. What the undeveloped world really wants is development and investment into those things that make a material difference - electricity, potable water, sanitation, transport, infrastructure and employment mean the difference between abject poverty, misery, early death and the chance to make something for themselves and their families.


Unknown said...

Excellent blog young sir!

I will link mine to it.

Too Right and Having A Blast said...

Thanks Gman. It is good to get feedback. Your blog is always a great read. I appreciate the offer of a link. I have linked my blog to yours.

I get a sense that blogs will play a useful role in the upcoming election. MSM not up with it yet; I enjoy the irony of the NZ Herald quoting a blog and including the URL!

A really odd thing is the Leftie blogs seem to be in some form of denial. Still parroting mindless stuff from the 9th floor - or fighting the election before last. I don't think they get blogs are new media. They think it is a new channel. The fall is going to be that much harder. Cannot wait.