Friday, June 24, 2005

The Government is in freefall and the rout is well underway - as the sorry caravan departs town all sorts of weird stuff is happening as the sheiks circle for one last stand. The Herald reports today the Government's apparent about turn on race based funding. However the electorate have been told once too often there is no race based funding. Either there is or there is not - clearly there is, confirmed by the Government. What else have you lied to me about is the sentiment of the electorate. Pity the Herald did'nt have the wit to traverse and expose the serial lies - rather publish the good news of the regime. Won't change the outcome though, as I say the rout is well underway.

Cullen is just as craven. Less than four weeks after his budget he finds a windfall. A one-off tax windfall to pump $500M into roads. The electorate is supposed to think he is the steady, prudent, fiscally responsible hand on the tiller. And he finds $500Million less than a month after his last whip round revealed the cupboard to be skint. Again the electorate is going WTF? He has his hand on something and it ain't the tiller.

The really amazing thing - Labour still think the electorate is dumb and will accept any old claptrap. That there will always be endless forgiveness for the painting frauds, fitting up her Police drivers, Ministers sacked for lying then turning on their accusers, completely miscalculating NZ's Kyoto obligations, Ministerial incompetence in immigration, the health system being shambolic (more dollars less operations), the disgraceful experiment on our children's education etc etc. Yep, the end is nigh.

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