Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Parker Struggling

Labour's David Parker, Energy and Climate Change Minister continues to show how out of touch and incompetent he is:


Confirmation the stand-by generator at Whirinaki has been in regular use this month. How far away is winter?

Parker and Dr Don Elder squabbled at an energy conference today. Dr Elder (Head of Government owned Solid Energy) said new coal mines would contribute to generators which could scrub green house gas emissions. Parker told the audience the coal industry had done nothing and needed to focus on becoming a green energy source...

Elder's riposte was Parker would be best advised to seek the advice of his audience (which was composed of energy experts) not source his material from a popular magazine...



Anonymous said...

The way it was seen elsewhere was that Don Elder got quite embarrassed and lashed out.

Don Elder did a Bush style attack on modern science writers by attacking the New Scientist magazine and appealing to the conservatism and vested financial interests of the energy intensive and emissions heavy industry people in the crown ie his friends in the coal industry and companies with reactive climate stances like Fonterra and Carter Holt Harvey.

Parker made the call that was needed, emissions REDUCTIONS are needed not industry spin, and Don Elder went on the offensive.

Anonymous said...

Don Elder was out of line not Parker on this one. Don Elder has an embarrassing year with 5 missed coal shipments from Mt Augustus due to legal reasons and environmentalists protest activities.

He denied he used spies when caught red handed, and his speech was disrupted at last years power conference in Auckland as well. Trying to brand coal as clean and sustainable has been a massive failed branding excersize and is starting to loose government support, who would of thought.

Gives the greenhouse policy coalition something to grumble about.

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