Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Breathtaking Hypocrisy

PM Helen Clark has judged it time again to re-enter the Fiji democracy debate, in the wake of the deportation of the Editor of the Fiji Sun. Polling must show her strong statements pontifications on Fiji read well with the NZ electorate.

In a breathtaking display of absolute hypocrisy Clark says the deportation of the Editor is an attack on freedom of speech and democracy. This is extremely rich coming from the author, strategist and vendor of the Labour Government's Electoral Finance Act. An Act that subourns political discussion outside named and registered political parties and severely restricts any criticism to essentially the political party process.

To Quote Ms Clark
She said New Zealand's Government would communicate to the Fiji Government that democracy involved not only elections, but also free media and free speech.
We agree - hence the 'extreme' reaction to her odious legislation in NZ.

Further, Clark today with her husband Peter Davis both launched into the Herald for being a Tory rag which has never showed charity to the Labour Party - in reaction to the Herald's coverage of the EFA and the appalling polling of Labour in 2008.

It is hard to ignore the irony in her lambasting the Fiji interim Government for freedom of the press while in the next breath she is standing with her husband to severally try to shame the largest daily in New Zealand.

Lost the plot I think.

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