Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Many of the opponents are saying the Waterfront Stadium is too risky. I don't know whether it is too risky and I don't care. I say simply it is just WRONG.

The Auckland transit systems are in disarray - all because of a lack of funding - no money for electrification, tolling new highways to get the priority of build advanced etc.

The health system seems grossly underfunded - old people with cataracts get only one eye done because it is a safety issue if they are blind...nine month wait for debilitating though not life threatening urological surgery, etc etc.

Clark (in)a cunning stunt and showing her at her most venal and self serving has found the wherewithall to fund the $700,000,000 difference between a decent and long needed upgrade to our national stadium Eden Park.

When are we going to get a commentator that tells it like it is - THIS IS ABOUT GETTING THE EDEN OUT OF THE PARK.

She has no concern about the cost. She wants it out of her electorate - no price is too high.

The Auckland pollies should just say Nuh!. We are going to build temporary seating at Eden Park to accommodate 60,000 for the RWC and we would be delighted to have the Government make a substantial contribution - in keeping with the national aspirations for the country to do well with the RWC tournament.

Since you Helen and your sycophant mate Duck have found a major pile of cash (for the Waterfront Stadium) we suggest you apply it to rail electrification, roading and health.


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