Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Benson-Pope Buggered

See here for the Investigate scoop on Benson-Pope. We were right all along, he is a pervert. How could Clark appoint a grade A pervert to be Minister of Social Development? Is that a greater perversion?

Fingers crossed the lamestream media covers this with the vigour they are pursuing the Brash emails (non)story.

The real concern is this - If these stories are true then we have a seriously oddly sexualised man holding Ministerial Warrants - may be that is OK? It is not OK when we see that the acts depicted in the magazine as recreational sexual behaviour are the same acts Benson-Pope ultimately agreed did take place at Bayfield High School.


Spirit Of 76 said...

Have you read it ? It's gross.

Too Right and Having A Blast said...

I have and it is worse than gross. If this can be pinged to BePop he should be dog tucker. Seems he was living his fantasies everyday in the classroom. Not fit for office.

I am really interested to see how long it takes the lamestream media to pick this up. I see the ODT are trailing a story for tomorrow. This'll make the Brash emails look like lullabys.

Can't wait to see the long faces Labour - let's see how they spin out of this.

Interesting to see both Carter and Barnett were also mentioned in despatches as participants in similar shows...