Thursday, July 03, 2008

Cynical, Corrupt, Casuistry, Chicanery, Cheating or just straight Cullen

Now that we have witnessed Clark's outburst yesterday when she tried and failed miserably to corner Key on Toll/Tranz Rail the rail deal looks even dodgier.

What is now clear is if this was Labour's so called Neutron bomb - it was a fizzer. The stupid cow couldn't even get the facts right.

In order to get her bomb erected she needed to buy Toll's Rail operation. That provided her with the ploy to flush Key. Imagine spending $1000 million to try to skewer John Key. That is what she tried to do. She spent the money but came home with no prize - no money or bag (apologies to Jude). John Key was the sole reason for wasting so much taxpayers money on buying Toll Rail. That is corrupt.

She wanted a battle ground around privatisation and asset sales. Key was more than equal to the pathetic plan. Key was not an owner of shares at the time.

What is now very clear is Cullen and his sole negotiator were determined to buy Toll rail at any cost. The target was to create a fulcrum to bend John Key. Abject failure for Labour.

The residue is a very expensive asset on the government books eating its head off.

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