Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An Inconvenient Truth

Is Clark really as shallow as this?

Self - Appointed Chief Mourner at Hillary's funeral
As noted by Colin James today.
...impeccably groomed and magisterial centre stage at the Hillary funeral, thereby stating her identification with "the nation"...

Note who was Chief Mourner at the Muliaga saga where Matt McCarten was close to being on the button in his record.
...Critics have, of course, lambasted her for being opportunistic by attending Muliaga's funeral, held in Mangere, where Taito Phillip Field is expected to stand at the next election...

But she couldn't make to the funeral for the young man killed in his father's Manurewa shop while many could fit it in.
...More than 1000 mourners filled the Manukau Memorial Gardens Chapel, with many having to stand in the foyer to watch the service on televisions...

This is only remarkable because Clark began to be the nation's conscience - didn't last long did it.

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