Thursday, July 20, 2006

Peters Makes a Dick of Himself

WTF happened? There was Sen John McCain making unscripted (But obviously heavily choreographed) generous remarks in support of NZ, when up pops a gnome from the depths of a winged chair (he did look physically out of his depth didn't he?)to cut the Senator short and boot the NZ media about the head. It made for great TV. To add to the confusion Peters then releases a statement that ran counter to what we had all observed in our living rooms - spectacular own goal Winnie....

If you had cared to listen he was trumpeting your FTA plans....Or was the problem McCain had spouted on the outcome of the meeting BEFORE the meeting was held....just making it obvious how much of a boondoggle your ill-explained trivial mission was. Officials had it all tee'd up before you arrived.

Boy are you a disgrace to the tradition of Foreign Secretaries. Rule 1 leave petty politics at home when travelling on Crown business.

Now I for one think each of Guyon Espinor and Barry Soper to be intractable Labour apologists from way back and probably nuclear free wayne kerrs as well but they ar flabbergasted at your antics...

This shambles is of no consequence in the corridors of power in the US (although you will have reinforced to the Senator (the likely incoming US President) how inconsequential NZ is - The damage is at home, and it is done Winnie - no matter what the outcome of your meeting with Condy, you will return as dick of the week.

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