Saturday, November 05, 2005

What has happened to Zaoui?

I see the bearded criminal being paraded with the chardonnay socialists in the social pages of About Town and Metro (what will Allah think of his chosen one associating with women d├ęshabille, alcohol and song?).

It has all gone a little quiet ("I don't like , it is too quiet" John Wayne used to say just prior to the Apaches' attack) on the Zaoui front. Optimistic me thinks the interregnum is Foreign Sec Winnie lining up Ahmed's next home, off shore with his family. Wish.

As I have blogged before here and here, Algeria is now safe, following elections - amnesty declared and all those terrorists who left are welcome back. Go Ahmed Go. We know you are true democrat, make the most of it mate.


Anonymous said...

This posting is yet another unfortunate and poorly informed attack on Mr Zaoui. Leaving aside the rather juvenile rhetoric of the first two paragraphs (except to say: Ahmed Zaoui is cultural and religious moderate, and attending the NZ Music Awards hardly contravenes his faith), I will take issue with last paragraph.

Firstly, Ahmed Zaoui is a politician. Only a few isolated and insular individuals cling to the 'terrorist' label, as suitably dramatic to swing about. Secondly, it would not be safe for Ahmed Zaoui to return to Algeria and continue campaigning for true democracy. The 'amnesty' from a government directly responsible for the murder of thousands of citizens, cannot be regarded as a suitable safeguard for a politically active and effective politician like Ahmed Zaoui.
-Alex Davidson

Too Right and Having A Blast said...

Soz bo.