Thursday, November 03, 2005

French Model Dilapidated

As rioting in poor Paris suburbs goes into a sixth day the three stooges at the top, Curly, Larry and Moe are squabbling over the solutions and the blame. Curly (Jacques) wants a firm but delicate hand, Larry (Sarkozy, Deputy PM and Interior Minister and Jacques pretender) talks of scum being water blasted off the streets, (aü Karcher!) while Moe, (Dominique De Villepin, the other Jacques pretender and PM) attacked his deputy for his strong language condemning the criminals.

It is all going to end in tears. Decades of failed integration of North African migrants and "the sons of" is now boiling over as these people realise La Républic will not grant them the recognition they deserve or the jobs they need.

I suspect it will be "on the road Jacques and Dom". The public are fed up.

Makes the French sniffing last month about race relations in a previous french colony (in Louisiana) look faintly hypocritical.

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