Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Auckland City Council are Losers

News a Committee of the Council is recommending the removal and banning of billboards in the CBD is ludicrous in the extreme. The committee claims the remioval of the banners and bill boards will make Auckland the International city it should be.

What F******s.

I guess London is not an international city and the billboards in Piccadilly Circus detract from the the city? See here

Similarly for Times Square in New York.

This Council really is composed of more than a few Dicks.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

New Zealand was asked if NZ Army would support Fijian PM

Seems my supposition was right. Confirmation here that Helen Clark turned down a request from the then Fijian PM Laisenia Qarase to provide military support to stave off the coup.

Rightly Qarase was refused by the NZ and Australian governments. Their refusals do not record that NZ is not actually able to meet its promises (or what is expected of a so called first world country) to the Pacific Islands Forum to assist member countries when requested. That is a scandal. Imagine if it was a Chinese backed militia that had taken over the RFMF....not a local boy.

Naked we is. (and so are the Fijians)

Monday, December 04, 2006

New Zealand Asked for Armed Support by Fijian PM

I wonder if this is what has happened and Clark has joined Qarase to try to bluff Bainimarama?

If this request was made - and it is more than possible as under the Pacific Forum protocols any member Government can respond to a request by another Pacific Forum member and send in the Army.

As Clark and her peacenik mates have spent the past 7 years dismembering the NZ armed forces, New Zealand could do nothing to help Fiji. Absolutely nothing. She is left with jaw-jaw.

New Zealand has limited blue water strike capacity and capability, no air strike capability and almost no heavy lift capability at all. Even assuming those things don't matter the NZ Army could not mount an operation to do anything safely. The rule of thumb is to mount a force that is 3:1 in your favour. With the RFMF having a standing army of 4,000+ NZ would need to oppose the Fijian forces with at least 12,000 men. That is more than our total men under arms.

This is an appalling state of affairs - not that we cannot oppose a force in Fiji - heaven forbid we ever wanted to. What is appalling is NZ as a senior partner in the South Pacific cannot fulfill any decent defense obligation at all in support of its nearest and dearest. Hence Bainimarama's confidence.
Bainimarama vs Qarase

Why is Helen Clark taking sides with the undemocrat Qarase? Curious as it seems Bainimarama seems to me to be the democrat here - standing for all Fijians. Qarase has 2000 Coup members in his government in contrast with Bainimarama and the military who actually went after and court martialled the army perpetrators. Qarase wants to pardon George Speight - why? Bainimarama wants him to serve his sentence - seems fair.

Qarase wanted to enact a foreshore and seabed bill that would enfranchise some indigenous people but would disenfranchise many fijians, particularly indian fijians. What's fair about that?

Remember Helen - you said your own foreshore and seabed bill was to protect the coast for all New Zealanders...

As I said her support of Qarase is curious.

I would have thought Clark would have shown a dignified public silence and be working like crazy behind the scenes to stop a public coup, by among other things getting Qarase to resign. This may have given Bainimarama the outlet he needs to put his interim administration in place. And begun the steps to remove the coup plotters still in government.

Curioser still - Clark saying that if there is a coup the Fijians on active service with the UN will have no jobs and be sent home. Who the hell wants more pissed off soldiers wandering the streets of Fiji without jobs blaming Qarase. Seemed a dumb and ill thought threat to me.
France 24 to join CNN and BBCWorld

The french government has announced it is launching a 24hour news channel as a foil to the cultural invasion of CNN and BBCWorld which in their eyes produces an Anglo-Saxon vision of events.

The Anglo-Saxon offer is derided by the French as Le Rosbif TV. In a curious irony the french channel will be in English!

The offering will apparently be a showcase for french values. The three principal "French values" that will be expressed by France 24 are an insistence that the world is culturally "diverse"; a love of argument and debate; and programmes reflecting the French art de vivre.

As a committed francophile I look forward to it. I guess we'll see it here on UK-TV!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Something for Conservation Minister Carter to Ponder as Teenager Savaged by White Pointer Shark

15 year old boy savaged by Great White Shark and life saved by quick thinking Kiwis - Amy and Peter Hickmott.

Chris Carter - exposed as attending Auckland BDSM clubs in the Investigate article on Benson-Pope - has recently said he will legislate to save the White Pointer in New Zealand.

Maybe he did not realise a White Pointer was a shark - thinking it was something he did or saw at one of those clubs? With Benson-Pope's departure is Carter standing in to rally the troops onto another liberal sex assault on our legislation. Recall 'hetero'-sexual and happily married Benson-Pope promoting the Civil Union Bill and guiding it into law. Hypocritical, mendacious prick.
John Key Tracing a Well Trod and Hitherto Successful Path

This from the UK

In reviewing the leader of the Conservative Party's first year as leader:
Within his first two weeks, Mr Cameron announced that "social justice" and "quality of life" would be key goals; a group headed by the environmentalist Zac Goldsmith was tasked to look at climate change; and Central Office drew up plans to ensure that there would be more women parliamentary candidates.
What has Key done so far?
Within week one
Announcements on:
Social Justice
- acceptance of the importance family - however it is defined
- holding out the flax branch to Maori
"Acceptance" of the reality and importance dealing with Climate Change

Promoted women up the rankings and into his Shadow Cabinet

It is working for Cameron. Guess it'll run here.

Just read the Telegraph - there you'll find the blueprint. Just don't tell Clark and the rest of the carpet munchers, liars and cheats in Government.
Russian Spies Active in New Zealand?

New Zealand had its fair share of soviet surveillance during the cold war. There is nothing to suggest that with the flintier face of Putin New Zealand will now be ignored.

It seems the Russians have lost none of their interest in other's secrets and little of their ruthlessness. The Polonium-210 murders are wicked in the extreme. Incredibly also the radio-active trail leads straight to the Kremlin - the Russians have also lost little of their inability to be subtle - as always relying on brute force. Though this time in an atomically small package - trillionths of a gramme.

The alarming analysis today by MI5 out of Britain that there are 30 spies active in the UK (second only to the US in terms of numbers of spies on the ground) should be sobering for our own Minister in charge of the SIS. Not to mention the people.

One cannot help thinking she won't be at all concerned - given the incredibly benign strategic environment we live in....ROFL

One is reminded at this time with Orwell's thought:

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

In New Zealand I don't feel we have that comfort.

Clark has long spent the peace dividend. Naked we is.
Benson-Pope aka Panty Boy Slut Update

Ian Wishart has provided the latest in the Be-Pop saga. See his questions below.

As Be-Pop has disappeared without trace we must rely on the likes of Wishart to keep on the case - the lame stream are not chasing these serious allegations. They are more interested in, literally, a National Party MP blowing smoke...

TXT messages sent to David Benson-Pope's mobile phone by Investigate over the past few days:

Message from Investigate to DBP: Yes or No: do you deny knowing Suzanne Bird (Mistress Glory

From Investigate: Do you deny ever engaging in BDSM?
PS David, unlike other media, I WILL be running your refusals to comment

Message from Investigate to DBP: Yes or No: do you deny knowing Suzanne Bird (Mistress Glory)?

Morning David. Do you deny ever engaging in BDSM? Yes, or No?

Do you deny that you have ever engaged in BDSM, yes or no?


Lame Stream Media Can't Hack the Right in Front

In a stunning confirmation of bias the lead items in today's Sunday Star-Times and TV One News was the non -story about the National Party health spokesman getting punched on the nose by a obnoxious builder.

Where is similar breathless headline coverage of Panty-Slut Boy?

The only question of note is still - "have you paid it back yet?"