Sunday, November 20, 2005

Paul Ackford watching a different game

The Daily Telegraph's Paul Ackford says England took the moral victory in the weekend's game at Twickenham.

Huh? Did he see the same game I did?

Ackford says the All Blacks may have natural talent but have yet to develop that inner strength or core. Well mate you better hope they don't...if you reckon they don't yet have it,

I saw their much vaunted Andrew Sheridan (and doesn't he look like an escapee from Sesame Street) subbed off - Hayman did him.

I saw a pack of 7 hold the poms 8 scrum after scrum. I saw constant off the ball play by English backs - obstructing and holding jersey's. The ref had a shocker. Corry's try came after Thompson advanced from offside.

In hind sight I am now surprised the poms didn't do a victory lap as they did at Old Trafford in 1998 when I was there - having just lost to Sean Fitzpatrick's All Blacks.

That's how they celebrate victory (well near victory).

Finally - gret occasion to use the new haka - rammed it right up the whingers. Don't tell us we can't have the haka - try this for size.

Poms welcome to do a Morris Dance at resumption of play after half time.

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Cathy Odgers said...

The Poms have played offside rugby for years so accusations of cheating are a joke!

I loved the AB's performance v England. They muscled up and over England and beat them at their own game. Our loosies smashed the Poms to shreds. The Hurricane trio were brill.

The match was far from boring but it was forwards v forwards and we killed them with a man down for most of the 2nd half.