Friday, November 11, 2005

$1.791 Million Golden Handshakes Under Clark

Heather Roy has published a quickie list of Golden Handshakes under Clark's Prime Ministership. This makes intriguing reading. Hat-Tip: David Farrar

Heather's story resonates rather well with Clark's florid (and later found to be without foundation) utterances in opposition:
"I've had a gutful. I don't intend, if I'm Prime Minister, to have to sit there and suffer one humiliation after another because of a culture of extravagance, which has been allowed to grow in the public sector. Whatever is in there and hidden, we want out."

Just confirms she doesn't walk the talk - ever.

The recent revelations, of extreme secrecy and manipulation by Labour's Ministries, confirmed by the independent Ombudsman, with OIA requests makes her comments about transparency even more mendacious.

Minister King's difficulty counting simple contracts let without tender to two former MOH staffers is a case in point.

The stench that we smelt in Clark's last Government has not subsided. There will be no honeymoon.

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